Not having a job leads to a lot of free time. Like a lot of free time. So instead of watching every season of The Wire or GOT for the 4th time, I’m going to take that first step towards ultra-mega-success: start a blog.

If you weren’t clued in by the domain name, this clusterfuck of words, pictures, and moving pictures (if I can figure that part out) will not be anything above average. But, it will also not be below-average… maybe… It’s your reliable bench player, your run of the mill local sports radio co-host. A 7/10. A college student whose parents still have the local newspaper clipping hanging on their fridge from when they made Dean’s List that one time their Sophomore year at State.

Other than that I can’t tell you what will be on here. Sports? Yes. Girls? Most likely. Advice? Not anything worthwhile. Outlandish opinions supported by conveniently selected evidence? Absolutely.

So feel free to tag and watch the Darwinian Evolution of this thing, or don’t, I could care less (if you stop reading I will take it very, VERY personally).